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...congrats to the young man who bravely rescued the young woman.. again, 20 bystanders watched as this young man lifted the young woman to safety. I'm still perplexed.


I think most Japanese are only too happy to help in situations such as your bike episode *grin* (I'm clumbsy too and i've had a few experiences with the domino effect while parking my bike)where there is little chance that they'll lose face. However in situations where the outcome and what happend before the incident is less certain (such as the fight in shinjuku), there is little chance that they would help because to them it's too risky. Bystander apathy is very common even in countries outside Japan. People make judgements and don't go out of their way to help. Recently in Australia an Aborignal woman was lying down at a uni bus-stop very sick and nobody helped her for hours because they assumed she was a drunk, it just so happend that a Japanese student helped her!.


Now,this article is doubted in Japan.
please wait a little more


The thing is, the 20 people were apparently mostly old folks. And the Okubo, where this station is, is a Korean neighborhood, so they weren't necessarily Japanese. And given the time, I susprect more than a few of them were as drunk as the young lady...

Glad to know I'm not the only bike knocker-overer! I agree that people tend to be more likely to help with minor things, like when you drop something or need directions. And good for that student!

I thought was interesting that this became big news in Korea before Japan. How is the story doubted?


pretty heroic, if you ask me.


I wonder if it's less to do with Japanese and Korean, as it is to do with already being an outsider. Maybe the foreigners "see" things better, things no one else would notice as they retreat into their everyday world. Or maybe they just know what it's like to need help?

I'm glad that woman helped you though. Good deeds really do make the world go round.


James, I agree.

Medea, that's a great point and I think you're totally right. Outsiders really do tend to see things that those who belong might miss. We simply have to be more observant to survive. And yes, I suspect the average foreign resident is a bit more empathetic to others in need.

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